Quality with expertise

As a benchmark for every new idea. As a guide in every decision. That our company is a market leader in many areas is thanks to our products, whose high quality is assured by the expertise of specially trained staff together with the use of state-of-the-art machinery and process technologies developed in house. The different product specifications produce synergy effects that allow us to offer everything from a single source.

The emco Group operates fully equipped manufacturing facilities that are perfectly integrated into the group's logistics thanks to the whole system being organised with SAP. Short throughput times and flexible, prompt manufacturing, safeguarded by high quality standards, are the basis for our customers’ satisfaction.

Development capacities

We, the emco Group, collaborate very closely with our customers in the context of a joint project development process. The commercial success of your product is already decided at the design stage. We support you right from the start with comprehensive services at the project stage and throughout the design process:

  • Creation of an economical manufacturing concept
  • Tool and machinery design and production
  • Project approval, and process and production optimisation

We use modern CAD/CAM/CAQ systems for this. This enables us to quickly produce models with rapid prototyping processes in the development stage, and to carry out stability simulations.

  • Manufacturing concept
  • Tool and machinery production
  • Partial production
  • High-quality surface treatment
  • Partial or complete assembly
  • Certification and quality assurance

Three business areas. Four brands.