emco sent invitations, top f.l.: Hubert Börger (Vorsitzender des NFV Kreis Emsland), Martin Gerenkamp (Erster Kreisrat), Christian Gnaß (Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter), Hermann Wilkens (Kreisehrenamtsbeauftragter). Bottom f.l.: Kay-Uwe von Hebel (Marketingleiter), Berthold Suhl (Vors. Spielausschussvorsitzender NFV Kreis Emsland)

We are the exclusive sponsor of the emco District Cup

Promoting football in the region

As a company whose roots are in Emsland, we set great store by our commitment in and for the region. Alongside our cultural and social commitment, sports promotion is certainly not overlooked. The emco Group has sponsored the District Cup for the Lower Saxony Football Association, Emsland district, since 2011. It was, above all, the team spirit in football that swayed our decision to become the exclusive partner for the District Cup.

the District Cup improves

Attractive cash prizes



  • 200€ for reaching the quarter-finals
  • 400€ for reaching the semi-finals
  • 500€ for reaching the final + €200 for youth work
  • 1000€ for the winning team + 400€ for youth work
  • Prize draw for an emco e-scooter at the final match

The NFV Emsland

Every season, the Lower Saxony Football Association (NVF), Emsland district, organises the District Cup to offer countless teams a golden opportunity to prove themselves in the beautiful game. Around 52,000 members from the various football clubs are registered in the association.

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With passion and team spirit

In this way, our employees meet the highest requirements on a daily basis and make emco Group a market-leading, successful company group. We are proud to be able to promote these virtues outside of our business area with young athletes from the region.

emco congratulates the guys from the SG Freren 1921 to win this year's emco Kreispokal!

Working successfully in a team

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We are always on the lookout for high-performing people who can support and complement our team in the future, whether on the technical or the commercial side, whether experts or novices.

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